Litter I
Born 22nd August '16
Seven beautiful babies born to Captain Killian Hook, and Lady Edith
Bumble and Edie are sharing the workload :-)
Superb beautiful half sisters <3
All babies have moved to their new homes

Baby 1: Ishtar

Female Black mackerel tabby without white.

NFO n 23
Baby 2: Irina

Female Silver mackerel tabby & White

NFO ns 09 23
Strong interest shown
Baby 3: Inara

Female, Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby & White

NFO as 09 23

Baby 4: Iolaire

Female, Blue Tortie Silver with White toes

NFO gs 09 23

Interest shown
Baby 5 : Ichabod

Male Red , with little white

NFO d 09 23

Baby 6: Iona

Female, Blue Tortie and White

NFO g 09 23

Strong interest shown
Baby 7: Isolde

Female, Black Silver Tortie & White

NFO fs 09 23

Interest shown