Show Highlights
Valora: Valora is now neutered and retired from the show bench.
Cambridge Show 25th April Reserve IMP (J Clare)
NFCC  21st february 2015, 2nd Imperial (A Lyall)
Suffolk Norfolk show 17th May, got her first Imperial (S Tokens)
NFCC 2013: BOB, ( L Grant), not placed for Imperial
Midland: 20th May 2012: ResGC.& BOB, (J Hansson & P Perkins)
Bedford and Cambridge: 28th April 2012: GC Making GRAND CHAMPION, (J Green)
SLHCA: 17th March 2012: ResGC., (C de Martino)
NFCC: 18th February 2012: GC, (V A Anderson-Drew)
Shropshire:4th February 2012: GC , (P Perkins)
SUPREME:19th November 2011: CC, (P Perkins)
Cambria: 8th October 2011: CC & BOB. Making CHAMPION, (V A Anderson-Drew)
West of England and South Wales CS: 27th August 2011:CC, (S Bullock)
Somerset CC: 4th June 2011: CC & BOB & BOV adult. (J Cohen & T Cole)
NFCC February 2011: First show, and  Red Card Day. Kitten Open and 3 sides class firsts. Best Female Kitten, and Best overall kitten, only losing BIS overall to a mature long standing winner and stunning girl.( Dr B Bennett, L Grant, V A Anderson-Drew, S Tokens, A Lyall, L Grant)
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Somerset rosettes
Valora making GC
Valora's first show BIS Kitten
Adult Outings:
Making IMPERIAL at NFCC 2018(J Hansson)
4th IMP Central LH /SLH (B Prowse)
3rd IMP Maidstone& Medway (T Cole)
2ndIMP at Supreme (Dr Bennet)
1st IMP Norskskogkatt'17 ( S Johnson)

Making GRAND CHAMPION at the Norskskogkatt and LHSLH,(L Grant and C Gainsbury) judges special, 1 BOB(L Fryer), BIS adult female (C Gainsbury)at the Norskskogkatt.Thankyou for a lovely day!!(her daughter got 2 CC's as well)
Edie's return to showing after babies. 4/7/15 Wilts Reserve Grand (D Butters), and Wessex Grand Ch (V Kilby) BOBs courtesy of B Shingleton and C Pike

Shropshire:  1/2/14 , 1st and CC. Making CHAMPION (Dr B Bennett)
Notts and Derby: 18/1/14, 1st & CC. (V A Anderson-Drew)
Central LH & Eastern LH, 4/1/14: 1CC and BOB, ((M Pearman) and a first with CC withheld, (S Rainbow-Ockwell)
Supreme, 3rd place, (S Rainbow-Ockwell)

Kitten outings:
Norskskogkatt: 5th October: 1st (S Tokens)
Wyvern: : 2nd (V A Anderson-Drew)
Humberside & Lincolnshire: 27th July 2013: 1st & BOB (Dr B Bennet), and 2nd, (D Butters)
Edie's cuddles at Notts & Derby
Bumble Bee:
Celtic Show  January 17 3rd Grand and BIS SLH Adult
NFCC 2nd Grand '16
Celtic show 30 Jan '16, gained her first Grand (A Lyall) and BOB  (L Fryer)
National CC 13/12/14, 1CC making CHAMPION on her Birthday
Supreme Show. 22/11/14. 3rd
CLH 1/10/14. 1st & CC & BOB
Norsk Skogkatt 4/10/14. 1st CC , BOB.Two Judge Specials rosettes.

Wyvern 6/9/14: 1st & BOB
WCCC 2/8/14: 1st and firsts in side classes.
Fife Garden of England @ Moulton Ex1, NOM,BIS Kitten Saturday and  Ex1, NOM, BIS Junior Sunday
Fife Felis Britannica @ Lutterworth 14/6/14. EX1
Suffolk Norfolk show 17th May: Bumble did ever so well 1st BOB and BIV SLH , for her first ever show.
Norskskogkatt  3rd October '15. First CC (D Butters), and LHSLH 2nd CC (L Fryer)

Somerset 12 sept '15: 1st and BOB (J Gillson)
West 12 sept '15 1st and BOB (L Fryer)
Wilts 4th July '15 1st (LFryer), Wessex: 1st (C Gainsbury)
2 Reserves at the Bristols and Cambria, Then 2 Imperials at Wilts and Wessex '18

Adult: Making Grand Celtic '18 (M Pearman)
2nd Grand Supreme '17( Dr Bennett)
1st Grand NFCC '17(J Hansson)
Wilts and Wessex 2nd July '16 1st CC (D Butters)
Norskskogkatt  October '16 1 CC & BOB (K Scruton)
Supreme October '16 2 CC Making Champion(D Butters & B Shingleton)

First outing, 1st, BOB (W McQuilkin), and BIS SLH Kitten. (H Marriott-Power.
Kitten: Killian is not wowing the judges yet.......but give him time to mature I think.
Well he matured and the judges thought he was worthy of 3 CC's and he's gained a Grand as well.
Now taking time to be a BOY.
Well Kismet started out her show career well, a few kitten shows in december and january,getting BISF kitten at the NFC show in february'18, Going on to get her 3rd and Fourth CC's by July
Kismet needs time before graduating into the Grand classes so she'll have a short break
Fflur has come back out to shows to get her Championship and now her Grands  in straight shows.
She needs a little time to mature to go into the imperial classes so she'll have a short break