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Champion Mountain Spirit Kitty
Nimue Moo
Silver Tortie Classic Tabby and White
RIP 26th February 2018
My beautiful funny girl left me, and under such circumstances. She was pregnant and near term , without warning she died overnight. Unfortunately she died of a uterine rupture, which wasn't a result of contractions. I will never know how it happened, but she is sorely missed
She was well named as Nimue (one of the names for the lady of the lake in arthurian legends) as she loved water.
Show Photography courtesy of Robert Fox ©
Nimue is turning out to be a super lass with fantastic boning, length and height. She has a lovely spritely temperament but very gentle. she loves to curl into an impossibly small ball in my lap.
Her Tortie colours are vibrant. She loves to play and chirrup, to get the others to join in. She has produced some gorgeous kittens.
Nimue Made Champion in the back to back show Cambria and Somerset 1/6/13. I am so proud.
She is more comfortable being a mum so this will be her last show appearance.
PKDef N/N and GSDIV N/N 16/10/13
Tortie Silver Classic Tabby, (doesn't carry solid or dilute.) Also does not carry Amber.
HCM  normal july 2015 (1st scan)  as Nimue was pregnant at the time I took the neuters in 2013
Nimue pedigree in pawpeds.
I have added a gallery page for Nimue's  litters.
Litter J is a work in progress so please bear with me