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Grand Champion Landsker Valora

Blue Classic Tabby and White

Many thanks to Christine for this gentle purr machine. She is a magpie, anything that shines is fair game.
She had her show debut in february 2011, and did very well. She has continued to charm, and seems to enjoy herself.
Valora seems to have decided kittens are not for her, She currently lives with Killian, and still no pregnancy.She will shortly be neutered as she is 7 years old now.
Above photo courtesy of Clara de Dios @ Nandinakatts

**Norwegian Forest Cat Club: Best Female Kitten 2011, and Best Female Adult 2011**

2012 Valora made Grand Champion.
Still waiting for successful mating and pregnancy.  It seems Valora has decided she doesn't want kittens. And at 7 years of age, I feel she deserves retirement without hormones.

PKDef N/N and GSDIV N/N 16/10/13
Not carrying Amber
Blue Classic Tabby carrying solid

Valora's pedigree in pawpeds.