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Imperial Grand Champion Nandinakatts Lady Edith

Blue Tortie Silver Mackerel Tabby & White
My sincere Thanks to Clara for allowing this young spritely girl to come and live with us. A gorgeous lively baby who is also a cuddlebug.
She excelled herself in January/ February 2014 becoming Champion in 3 straight outings.She's gone on to get her Grand title in 4 shows in 2015.
In 2018 we completed her Imperial title. So proud, and the first of Clara's breeding to gain this title in GCCF. She's also been a fantastic mum to four litters, and her daughters and granddaughter that remain with me are superb girls- we are awaiting her first great granddaughter.
PKDef N/N and GSDIV N/N by parentage
Amber N/N
Agouti A/A
Dilute d/d
HCM normal July 2015,  both parents scanned clear. (Parents scanned '13 ages 5&4 years old)
Above photo courtesy of Clara de Dios
Photos of Edith as a Kitten with her Breeder

Pedigree in Pawpeds

***Edie made Best Opposite Sex Kitten for 2012 with Norsk Skogkatt: and a joint placing for the most 2nds gained in the show year.***
***Edie made Best Opposite sex Adult 2015 with Norskskogkatt***
Edie made Best adult female in the NFCC points 2015.
Edie's  litters
Edie had a fantastic day out at the multishow Norsk Skogkatt and LongHair Semi longhair show in Bracknell. 2 Grand Certificates, a BOB, and
*** Best Adult Female ****in Norsk Skogkatt....oh and a judges choice rosette!
Norskskogkatt '17 Imperial BOB and BISF