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In Loving Memory, you will be very much missed
Nandinakatts  Apple of my Eye
Blue Silver Tabby
Apple succumbed after a lengthy fight with triaditis. 1 Minute he was well, the next day he was so so ill. we fought for weeks together, but unfortunately  I couldn't save him.
I, and his breeders are heartbroken.
Photos of Apple as Kitten with his Breeder

Pedigree in Pawpeds
Apple was my gentle giant. Such a sweet natured boy. He did so well on the show bench.
In Memory
Norskmagi Alexinei
Beautiful Lexi will be remembered by many who met her. Her presence is very much missed

In Loving Memory:Nimue. Nimue will continue to have her own page for a while.
Myschyfkitz Edelweiss. My gorgeous snowflake-  - I tragically lost her to a twisted uterus, and although emergency spay was performed she didn't pull through